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For 50 years, the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet has placed great emphasis on working with the new generation of up-and-coming saxophonists of all skill levels. In 2021, the quartet founded an excellence ensemble at the Nordkolleg, the Academy Orchestra.

The saxophone orchestra made up of 12 instrumentalists is forming up repeatedly for special projects with the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet.

The offer is aimed at ambitious instrumentalists who are in the process of building a career. The young musicians are given the opportunity to play in the orchestra at a high level and to engage in international exchange.

The program for 2022 included the world premiere and a recording of the new composition of Schubert's 'Winterreise'. Jay Schwarz innovatively sets some of Schubert's songs to music for 12-piece saxophone orchestra.

Some of the academics are now regularly asked by professional symphony orchestras to play the saxophone parts.

photo: Felix Broede

The first phase of the Raschèr Academy Orchestra took place in May 2021 and it ended with a remarkable concert. The cultural journalist Elisabeth Richter accompanied the project and reported on it at Deutschlandfunk Kultur. You can listen to the report here: Dedicated to the young - broadcast from May 31, 2021

In February 2022, the academics made their first trip to Estonia to the Arvo Pärt Center. Working with one of the most famous composers of our time not only marks a big step in someone's career, it also inspires someone’s own work and values the young artists in a very special way.

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The application for admission to the Academy Orchestra is addressed directly to the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet:

If you are interested, we recommend you to introduce yourself in one of the other modules. If this is not possible, a video audition can be arranged or you can submit a video recording. Details will be clarified after contacting us.