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Everything is different this year and in this case we are lucky: Members of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and actor Christoph Kopp have launched a prologue module from the Raschèr Baltic Academy ! 

This specially designed summer course will take place in the Nordkolleg from July 21th to July 26th and opens up completely new possibilities for making music and for performing.

»There is no blueprint for this summer«, says Christine Rall, therefore there is an opportunity to try out an alternative concept with this "meandering" course in this unique summer of 2020.

In all matters, the general well-being is taken care of and you will be motivated to achieve top performance - no matter on what skill level and in what special situation you are currently.

Set your own focus for the days: For example, if you prepare for an entrance exam or a competition, you can focus on your personal project. You can practice, practice, practice and perform regularly.

If you want to play a lot in the ensemble, you will find enough like-minded people here who would finally like to play with others again. Are you interested in trying out a new program format by inserting literary templates and establishing a thematic connection? Apart from the fact that such a format offers completely new opportunities to span an interesting arc and reach a new target audience, it also naturally relieves the physical condition. The combination of all modules is also possible. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to some free time and explore the wonderful surroundings of the Nordkolleg.

After registration, we will ask you about your interests. Spontaneous decisions will also be taken into account.

Take a look behind the modules and spend the summer course of possibilities with members of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and actor Christoph Kopp!