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Join us! Play the bassoon in an ensemble without any personal contact.

 We regularly publish videos with all participants until your own orchestra is able to rehearse again or your lessons can re-start after a long break.

 How can this work?

You receive all the information by email, you practise at home, then you make a video with your bassoon and afterwards you join the large and global bassoon-saloon orchestra, which is shown publicly in an overall video.  For the moment of the premiere, of course, you are invited!

 Here's what the process looks like for a week:

 1. You register briefly using the form.

 2. Then you receive all information, literature and sound recordings by email.

 3. You hear the MP3 via headphones, play your voice and record the video.

 4. You send the video on its way to us *

 5. We create a video from all contributions

 6. The video is published and we let you know


  * The video can be sent in many ways:

Via WhatsApp or Telegram: +49 (0) 157-33652217.  (This phone is for the purpose of video transmission only and is not used otherwise.)

Via WeTransfer or Dropbox to the email address: bassoon-saloon [at]

Some final words:

The pandemic has had a significant impact on creative and cultural work, and the Nordkolleg also faces enormous financial losses.  If you like this project and if it is possible for you, please donate a small contribution to our support association.  We could then initiate further projects, which we would like to offer free of charge in these times,  as we know that many participants are currently facing a financially difficult situation.

 Thank you so so much!  And please note, in no case does your participation depend on a donation!