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Raschèr Baltic Academy! 

We are announcing a new exciting development in collaboration with the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet: the formation of the Raschèr Baltic Academy! which location is at the Nordkolleg.

What is special about the conception is not only the expanded range of courses, but also the plan to work with a partner from the Baltic Sea region every year. So the Academy is going »on tour« as well.

The Raschèr Baltic Academy! consists of precisely coordinated modules that can be selected individually or in combination. As a result new doors are being opened for completely new opportunities for everyone – for the lecturers as well as the participants. All interested parties would have the opportunity to meet at the Nordkolleg four times in 2021. Of course, we are keeping an eye on the current situation and if necessary we will prove our flexibility once again.

Over the past 50 years, the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet has placed great emphasis on working with the new generation of aspiring saxophonists of all levels. This tradition is based on the concept of Sigurd Raschèr, the founder of the quartet. He worked as a concert soloist as well as a staunch teacher.

Since then, the large amount of pedagogical experience has been incorporated into the artistic »DNA« of the RSQ, as well as in the collaboration with composers, choirs, orchestras and conductors. In a 50-year tradition, output and input have a profitable relationship.

Raschèr Baltic Academy!


Christine Rall
Elliot Riley
Andreas van Zoelen
Iria Garrido Meira